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Get Yourself Some CLOUT!

Have your PRO-OHV friends get their own personalized CLOUT alerts by having them send an email to clout@getclout.org with "CLOUT" in the subject line along with:
1. Their Name
2. Your residential (physical) address
3. The Zip Code of your residential address
(include ZIP-plus 4 if you know it!)

4. Your name as a reference
That's all there is to it! Get them to do it TODAY so motorized recreation will have a stronger voice in Olympia.

A CLOUT alert will only be sent when YOUR representative (based upon your ZIP code) is involved in legislation on the chamber floor. Often, that is too late for you take have an impact on the legislation.
To have an impact, you need to know when legislation of interest to you is being worked on before it reaches the chamber floor.You can do this by going to our Legislation of Interest to OHVers page and clicking on the bill that interests you.
Once you reach that bill's legislative home page, you can sign up to do a variety of things including being notified ANY time something happens to that bill.

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