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October 2012

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Welcome to the October issue of our WOHVA newsletter. We’re always tuning the content and presentation here and really appreciate the feedback readers have given us so far. Got feedback? Are we missing something? Send us an email . . . we’re listening.

This issue will hopefully find the fire season coming to a close, as well as the elections heating up. We’ll give you insights from our recent annual meeting in Spokane, let you know about great OHV recreation management going in our midst, and give you our election lowdown to guide your vote. Ready to drop the hammer? Let’s do it!

2012 Annual Meeting Recap

WOHVA traditionally holds our annual meeting each fall in the Seattle/Olympia area. However, this year, the WOHVA Board of Directors agreed to hold it in Spokane to emphasize the organization’s statewide accountability as well as to remind themselves how eastern WA OHV experiences differ from those in western WA.

The weekend of September 14 – 16 was filled with several events: An afternoon play day at the 7 Mile ORV Area in Riverside State Park on Friday. On Saturday, two events occurred: The Annual Meeting during the day followed by a supper at one of the local restaurants. Clint Didier, candidate for Public Lands Commissioner sought out our group to sit and discuss his views on off-highway vehicles in Washington State.

The highlight of the annual meeting was a presentation by Tom Crimmins Chair of the Idaho Parks & Recreation Board and a volunteer with NOHVCC (the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council). His presentation was about Working With Land Managers. You can view his presentation here: http://www.nohvcc.org/Education/Webinars/WebinarPresentations.aspx

Sunday’s event consisted of a trail ride in north-eastern Washington. We departed from the Kings Lake SnoPark parking lot and proceeded up to South Baldy; then down to Pyramid Pass and eventually back to the SnoPark parking lot. While the trails were very dusty, all agreed they had a wonderful time; not only on the trail ride, but the entire weekend’s events.

Award Winning OHV Management

What do you do when you find great work but don’t have any way to recognize it? That’s the problem the International Off Highway Vehicle Administrators Association (INOHVAA) had . . . and they solved it by creating a special award!

Dave Hiatt, charter WOHVA Board member and current Tillamook Recreation Specialist was recently recognized by INOHVAA and received their Special Recognition Award. It’s a new award in 2012 and recognizes a state, provincial or federal administrator, or leader of a nonprofit club, for significant achievement in contributing to and furthering the sport of OHV recreation.

"Dave has made significant positive changes in the state of Oregon and we want to thank him for all he’s done," said the Minnesota DNR’s Ron Potter in presenting the award. "He’s a very avid rider and enthusiast and is aware of what is needed. He’s created very sustainable trails, and has made great improvements to the trail facilities in his area. He’s moved a lot of trails off the road and put them in the woods where they should be. And he’s done this without a lot of support, doing what he knows is the right thing to do."

Want to find out why they gave Dave the award? Take your OHV to the Tillamook State Forest ( http://www.oregon.gov/ODF/tillamookstateforest/Pages/ohvtrails.aspx) just west of Portland . . . or contact Dave at his ODF email address (dhiatt@odf.state.or.us).

Political Action:
  • Washington State Legislative Elections: On November 6, 2013, half the members of the Washington State Senate and all the members of the Washington State House of Representatives are up for election. This is an opportunity for you to weigh in on whom will be representing you in Olympia the next two years.

    Here is a list of some of the people in the Washington State Legislature or running for election this year that we consider OHV-friendly. There a likely a few more out there, but these are the ones that we are familiar with. Their legislative district is listed in parentheses.

       (by name)    (by legislative district number)
    Randi Becker (2)
    Bruce Dammeier (25)
    Jerome Delvin (8)
    Curtis King (14)
    Bob Morton (7)
    Pam Roach (31)
    Tim Sheldon (35)
    Mark Schoesler (9)
    Dan Swecker (20)
    (2) Randi Becker
    (7) Bob Morton
    (8) Jerome Delvin
    (9) Mark Schoesler
    (14) Curtis King
    (20) Dan Swecker
    (25) Bruce Dammeier
    (31) Pam Roach
    (35) Tim Sheldon
       (by name)    (by legislative district number)
    Mike Armstrong (12)
    Vincent Buys (42)
    Cary Condotta (12)
    Mike Hope (44)
    Joel Kretz (7)
    Dan Kristiansen (39)
    Jim McCune (2)
    Ed Orcutt (18)
    Kirk Pearson (39)
    Joe Schmick (9)
    Shelly Schumpf (25)
    Mike Sells (38)
    Matt Shea (4)
    Shelly Short (7)
    Norma Smith (10)
    Judy Warnick (13)
    Hans Zeiger (25)
    (2) Jim McCune
    (4) Matt Shea
    (7) Joel Kretz
    (7) Shelly Short
    (9) Joe Schmick
    (10) Norma Smith
    (12) Cary Condotta
    (12) Mike Armstrong
    (13) Judy Warnick
    (18) Ed Orcutt
    (25) Hans Zeiger
    (25) Shelly Schumpf
    (38) Mike Sells
    (39) Dan Kristiansen
    (39) Kirk Pearson
    (42) Vincent Buys
    (44) Mike Hope

  • Proposal for a statewide OHV bill: During the last legislative biennium (2011 – 2012), several OHV-related bills were introduced. Most did not make it to the floor of their respective chamber. With a new biennium beginning in January 2013, everything has to be started over – as if nothing had been previously proposed.

    One of our Board members has developed a proposal for a new statewide OHV bill. It would take the best of the eleven local eastern WA jurisdiction’s OHV ordinances and attempt to expand it to become a statewide bill. It also contains some text from SB5845 as well as the latest amendment to SB5366 (5366-S2.E AMH TR H4368.6).

    If passed, this bill would:
      Allow operation on any road in the state having a speed limit of 35 MPH or less;
      Apply to 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-wheel OHVs/ORVs;
      Allow local jurisdictions (counties, cities, towns) to close roads they feel are not safe enough for OHVs/ORVs. They would be required to do this through local ordinances just as they do now to open roads;
      Allow OHVs/ORVs on segments of roads with speed limits above 35 MPH; generally to bypass natural or man-made obstacles, i.e., across bridges;
      Require a valid, government-issued driver’s license. Those without a driver’s license would require "direct supervision", i.e., a licensed driver within 300 feet;
      Not require additional equipment;
      Not require a license plate; would still require an ORV sticker;
      Not require liability insurance (liability insurance is currently not required for street-legal motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, and mopeds; RCW 46.09.400(2));
      Not require 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-wheel OHVs/ORVs to be made street legal (something SB5800 did for motorcycles and SB5366 attempted to do).

    Once our Board of Directors has approved a specific proposal, it will be posted on the WOHVA.org web site.


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