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September 2012

15 - WOHVA Annual Membership Meeting Trail Ride, Colville NF

16 - WOHVA Annual Membership Meeting, Spokane, WA

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WOHVA 2012 Annual Meeting To Be Held In Spokane!

This year the WOHVA Annual Meeting, normally held in western WA will be held in Spokane WA! Now in its seventh year, WOHVA has traditionally held their annual meeting each fall in the Seattle/Olympia area.

The Board of Directors agreed to move the meeting to emphasize the organization’s statewide accountability. The move will also allow OHV enthusiasts from western WA to see first hand how eastern WA OHV experiences differ from those in western WA. Not only will the meeting be held there, but on Saturday, September 15th, there will be an opportunity to do some trail riding near Spokane!

More information will be forthcoming as WOHVA gets closer to the meeting date. Mark your calendar for Sunday, September 16th 2012 for the WOHVA Annual Meeting and see you in Spokane!

WOHVA is an alliance of organizations, clubs, businesses, and individuals who work with legislators in Olympia and with local land managers to protect your interest in keeping areas, roads, and trails open to OHVs (ATVs, 4x4s, and dirt bikes).


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