WOHVA's Committees

WOHVA is an alliance which means it does not have regularly scheduled meetings (other than the monthly Board of Directors meetings and the required Annual Meeting). WOHVA accomplishes the majority of it's objectives by working locally with land managers and politicians and within various committees.

WOHVA consists of the following committees with their objectives as follows:

• Communication – Keeps the public informed in support of the Alliance's mission. Develops and maintains the public communication process. Develops and distributes BOD-approved Alliance communication releases as needed.

• Land Action – Develops and maintains local contacts with land managers in the State of Washington.

• Membership – Promotes and maintains membership in the Alliance.

• Political Action – Develops and maintains local contacts with State of Washington elected representatives.
• Business Development – Supports revenue generation through strategic marketing and business strategies.

Page last updated: December 23, 2014