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Annual Meeting Minutes: PDF

2016 (draft)*
2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
* - 2016 draft to be approved at the 2017 Annual Meeting

WOHVA Bylaws

Committee documents:

Economic Studies: PDF

GAO Reports of Interest to OHVers (listed chronologically; newest first): Extermal Link
OHV Laws:

Legislation of Interest to OHVers page

Find Your WA State Legislator Extermal Link

MVUMs (Motor Vehicle Use Maps) page

NOVA Distribution Chart. This chart shows how the NOVA (Nonhighway and
Off-Road Vehicle Activities [NOVA] Account) funds are distributed

Reports (various reports that may help you):
PDF (unless otherwise noted)
2013 (Washington) State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan 50-State Report Final 2012 (Visual Identification of ORVs)
America's Great Outdoors (AGO) Report (2011-11)
Authority Of Counties To Allow Use Of Off-Road Vehicles And Wheeled Extermal Link

All-Terrain Vehicles (Washington State Attorney General's Opinion) Extermal Link
COHVCO Sticker Size (letter)
NEPA 101 and Comment Writing
ORV Best Management Practices (2012)
Pacific Southwest Research Station Extermal Link
Senate Bill (SB) 742 - OHV Indicia Study (CA)
State Forest Management vs Federal Forest Management Feb 26, 2013 Extermal Link
Taking Stock of Travel Planning (2012)  (WildlandsCPR)
Top 12 Anti-Access "Facts" And How To Respond To Them, Extermal Link
User Fees and the Demand for OHV Recreation (extract from 2005 USFS Utah ATV Licensing Experience
Utah Plate Visibility Study Request
Vehicle and Vessel Fee Distribution Charts (Washington State)

RSS Feeds (PowerPoint presentation)

USFS Documents of Interest to OHVers:
(all are external links) Extermal Link

The SOPA (Schedule of Proposed Actions) lists activities occurring
in a USFS unit.
It is updated the first day of each calendar quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct).

USFS Planning Documents:
U.S. Forest Service Planning Rule Revision website:

"A Citizens' Guide to National Forest Planning"
"Understanding Your Opportunities for Participating in the

The above two documents will help you understand the
USFS planning process and how you can be more
effective when participating in the process.

Read more about these two publications:

Note: Although the above 2 publications are 17"x11" PDFs
readability will not be diminished if your print them
on normal letter-size ppge (8.5" x 11" paper).

Links to Forest Service Directives (Manuals and Handbooks):
Main Page:
The following issuances will be of interest to OHVers:

FSM 7700 (Transportation System):
FSH 7700 (Transportation System):
Be sure to check both the "Service-wide Issuances"
AND the "Field Issuances".

WOHVA Where To Ride Website Extermal Link

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