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The board of directors for the Washington Off-Highway Vehicle Alliance is extremely excited to announce that the organization has officially been recognized as a 501c3 non-profit by the Internal Revenue Service! 

What is normally a long process was made even longer as the IRS did it’s best to keep up with a decreased workforce during the pandemic. “We are so happy to finally be here” said Bryan Peterson, president of WOHVA. “This new classification allows WOHVA to better meet our current goals and more closely aligns with the mission of the organization.”

501c3 organizations, including WOHVA, typically include some sort of educational component to their mission. At WOHVA our mission is to pursue, promote, protect and educate responsible off highway vehicle use. WOHVA’s latest push to follow this mission is being accomplished through the operation of their Heavy Maintenance Crew (HMC). This crew, which is funded by RCO grant funds, includes operation of a Bobcat E32 excavator to maintain ATV, SxS & 4x4 trails across Washington. As the program continues to grow WOHVA is pursuing funding to better assist trail volunteers across the State. One of the benefits of the new 501c3 status over the organizations prior 501c4 status is that WOHVA can provide liability insurance to volunteers participating in volunteer events sanctioned by WOHVA. Previously this would have required organizations to purchase costly workers compensation policies to protect their clubs.

Of course another benefit is that WOHVA can now accept tax-exempt charitable contributions from our supporters. WOHVA hopes that this new funding opportunity will help the organization expand its programs and pursue dedicated staff. Individuals who made a contribution to WOHVA over the past year can expect a receipt for their donation in the next couple of weeks. If you haven’t donated, but wish to do so, WOHVA will graciously accept your support. You may donate traditionally or by setting WOHVA as your preferred recipient on your Amazon Smile account.

WOHVA would like to thank Bryan Peterson (WOHVA President), Jakob Perry (WOHVA Secretary), Neil Stamp (WOHVA Treasurer) and the many advisors, volunteers, and professionals who helped guide the organization through this transition. It took countless hours but the transition will be of great benefit to WOHVA, it’s affiliates, and OHV recreation in Washington.


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