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The Washington Off Highway Vehicle Alliance (WOHVA) is an all-volunteer non-profit organization.  We represent all 4x4, SxS, ATV & offroad motorcycle users in WA State.  We strive to be the single point of contact for Federal & State land managers and elected representatives in Olympia.  

In 2009, we fought a court battle with the State of Washington to return $9.3m in NOVA funds that were taken to balance the State Parks budget.  NOVA is funded by your ORV tab fees & gas tax rebates.  We partnered with the Northwest Motorcycle Association (NMA) and took this to the Washington Supreme Court.  It was expensive!

We've partnered with the NMA for many years to impact OHV related issues in Olympia when the Legislature is in session.

In 2019, we were successfully awarded a NOVA grant to purchase a Bobcat E32 mini-excavator.  In 2021, we were once again successfully awarded RCO grants through the NOVA program.  The new equipment & additional funding will help support hard-working OHV volunteers across the state.  While the grants reimburse us for equipment purchase, HMC crew wages, insurance & regular maintenance...we still need your help covering the remaining operational costs!

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All Donations after March 14th, 2020 are tax deductible under the 501(c)(3) tax code.

Our UBI is 602-760-980 (Washington State) and our EIN is 16-1758867 (Federal).

We sincerely appreciate your support!

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