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Heavy Maintenance Crew (HMC)

WOHVA & NMA collaboration sparks a new maintenance program for WA.  Both organizations were recently awarded a combined total of over $600k in grant funding to improve your trails in WA.  We are proud to say that this is a first for statewide OHV non-profit organizations in WA!  

We’ve created two Heavy Maintenance Crews for tackling the hardest work on public lands in WA.  WOHVA will purchase a Bobcat E32 mini-excavator and operate on two-track trails.  NMA will purchase a Singletrack ST240 and operate on single-track trails.  Funded by your OHV tab fees and fuel taxes through NOVA and RTP grant programs.  WOHVA and NMA are ensuring your money is well spent!

The most damaged trails take the most time and energy to fix.  The current workforce can’t keep pace with the work needed across the state which could lead to closures in order to prevent resource damage and safety issues.  Getting work done quickly is a key feature of HMCs, so trail closures can be avoided.  Plus the user experience improves & your public trail system is preserved for generations to come.

WOHVA & NMA are looking for operators to take the specialized Heavy Maintenance Crew (HMC) operator training and will soon begin scheduling work on various OHV trails across WA.

NMA’s experts will tackle the single track projects and WOHVA’s experts will tackle the 4x4, SxS & ATV projects.  Your suggestions on where to work is valued!

WOHVA & NMA have each prepared a survey that will help determine which trails we start working on first!

If you are a single track rider please take the NMA single-track survey and contact the NMA at hmc@nmaoffroad.org with questions!

If you ride 4x4, SxS or ATVs, please take the WOHVA 2-track survey and contact WOHVA at hmc@wohva.org with questions!

The WOHVA Bobcat E32 mini-excavator

The NMA Singletrack ST240

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