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Legislation of Interest to OHVers - 2020
Bills of Interest

Bill Number Short Description Our Position


Removing Reciprocity with Oregon ORV tabs.  Oppose
HB2198Requires flares to extend above and behind tires.Oppose


Modifying the requirements for collector vehicle registrations. Concerns
HB6363 Concerning tracked and wheeled all-terrain vehicles Support
HB2447 Removing Tire Pressure requirements on WATVs Support
SB5099 Establishing recreational target shooting areas on public lands.
HB2353 Providing for fire trailer vehicle registration and license plates. Support
SB6114 Concerning all-terrain vehicles.
SB6093 Eliminating the Discover Pass Neutral

Another year, another set of bills that affect your ability to recreate on Washington State lands. Below are some of the major bills we're supporting and opposing. We could use your help by contacting your legislator, using the form here: (https://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder)

Help our Oregon friends and oppose HB2278/SB6115

WOHVA understands frustration dealerships have with potentially losing business because some residents buy and register their vehicles in Oregon. However, this proposed bill doesn’t help with compliance and makes life harder for their customers, our neighbors, and ORV users in Washington.

    Reciprocity is especially important in Washington

      Every year, tens of thousands of Oregon ORV users recreate on WA public lands. They support local economies with their dollars and trail systems via volunteering. The same goes for Washington residents in Oregon. And while losing reciprocity would cost Washington ORV users only $20 every 2 years, the pain for Oregon ORV users is much worse. That is because Washington does not have a non-resident ORV program and registers ORVs as vehicles. This means there would be no legal way for Oregon residents to recreate within our state. This is already a sudden problem for Idahoans, who just lost their reciprocity with a short sided Idaho law requiring non-resident ORV stickers. Currently, there is no way for an Idaho resident to use their ORVs on WA state lands legally. WOHVA intends to help champion legislation to help remedy this in the following year. But for now we should not make a problem worse by not allowing Oregon residents legal access to Washington Land.

        Laws already exist to enforce sales tax avoidance

          The department of Revenue already has laws that require sales or use tax to be paid on out-of-state purchases. In 2017, the legislature passed SB-5338 which added a warranty provision to get a list of potential tax evaders as well as RCW 46.09.495 which made it clear that residents must register ORVs. RCW 46.09.420 makes it clear the reciprocity exemption to registration is only for out-of-state residents.

          Please contact senators Takko, Warnick, Hobbs, Van De Wege, Wilson, L., Sheldon and urge them to drop sponsorship of this bill! Its also helpful to use both links to comment on each bill: (Provide Feedback: HB-2278 & SB-6115)

          WOHVA opposes Collector Vehicle Program 5-year renewal

          This is an unnecessary money grab that would require classic operators to have modern tabs on their classic vehicles. There is no good reason to require renewing the registration of collector vehicles. We support the changes to the collector vehicle program without the 5-year renewal requirement.

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