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Trail Maintenance Jobs

We’re Hiring!

WOHVA has paid positions available for trail crew members as well as leaders for volunteer work parties. Thanks to grants approved by our State RCO (Recreation and Conservation Office), WOHVA is providing on-the-ground two-track trail maintenance through our Heavy Maintenance Crew (HMC) across Washington State. And we’re also supporting club or land manager-sponsored volunteer work parties with our Volunteer Support Program.

BOTH these programs are in need of paid staff. The work can be seasonal, but there is winter work in the lower areas. Pay is competitive/based on experience and travel reimbursement and overnight meals/lodging is funded where required by the work.

Here’s a brief overview of the types of positions we have available:

Heavy Maintenance Crew

Trail Engineer

Provides the overall project management for each trail project as well as describes the specific work needed on the trail to meet the land manager’s specifications

Equipment Operator

Operates a mini excavator and performs the work laid out by the trail engineer; Oversees the trail crew and assures excellent work is performed


Supports the Equipment Operator on the trail crew and may operate rock breakers, brushing tools, chain saws or other equipment

Volunteer Support

Volunteer Team Leader

Plans the support work with the sponsoring club/organization, gathers supplies and brings the support trailer to the event, cooks and does other duties as need to provide an excellent volunteer experience

We have detailed job descriptions for each of these positions and would love to have you on our team. If you’re able and interested please contact WOHVA at STAFF@WOHVA.org.

PS And there are ALWAYS volunteer jobs available from Board and at-home desk work to trail maintenance and more - If you’re interested please contact WOHVA at STAFF@WOHVA.org

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