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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I donate to WOHVA without using a credit card?

Using our online payment system is the quickest method to renew.  However, if you prefer check please log into the WOHVA website and select the invoice me option.  Once we receive your check we can update your status to paid.  Please mail your check to:


PO Box 171

Auburn, WA 98071-0171

Can I ride my ATV or SxS on public roads in Washington?

Yes, if you have a WATV plate and ride on roads in specific counties with speed limits under 35 MPH.  For more on this visit the WATV page on the WA DOL site or visit UTV Adventures WATV page.  For a history of the WATV law, see HB 1632.

How can I find legal places to ride my 4x4, SxS, ATV or offroad motorcycle?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions WOHVA volunteers receive when attending public events. We have a website just for that!
WOHVA lists riding areas on our WHERE TO RIDE website.

What is WOHVA's tax info?

    UBI is 602-760-980 and our EIN is 16-1758867.

Where is WOHVA's Candidate Endorsements page?

WOHVA transitioned to operate as a 501(c)(3), which requires us to not endorse any candidate for office. However, we will continue to make recommendations for particular legislative bills and initiatives if they are relevant to our mission.

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